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A flowered-peak mountain of a golden cradle—mothered to a drop of opal holding within its windowed see-through skins a sea of milken blues and whites foaming frothing shifting lights turning to green then white again like the ones you may see when stationed from a deep-set canyon or deserted land in the late evening hours with sight pointed upwardly to a dark sky lit up by the stream of our star-laden milky way. A drop of heaven, a drop of star-milk nestled into a six-pronged setting to harness and wear around the finger...


A centred natural white opal nestled into a six-pronged setting

wrapped in solid fourteen karats of rose gold for wearing around the finger

A full banding in solid fourteen karat rose gold

two shoulders engraved with peaking mountainous markings

one natural white opal at the centre


Unmarked within the surface of the band which wears as a

6 3/4 or N 1/2 or 53.82 millimeters in circumference


With the homing of a ring a 'Meadow Locket' of your choice between I and II to accompany




Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully with

insured and signature confirmed mailing service


Returns refunds and exchanges un-available once departed

Thank you for dropping in!


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