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Ancient lady of the flowering wrought in gold she is encompassed by a gilded frame of emerald green and gold-lacing laurel leaves halo-ing her head poised upwardly and outwardly towards an opening latch that opens to the innards of a locket. A safe-keeper of memories and grown things and old things and new things she stays for keeping close always to the heart where all becomes golden.

Perhaps for holding a collection of words and a poem, a cutting of hair, fallen tooth, a photograph or two, a lucky clover or a flower...


Golden oval locket in brass metals with ornamental bail measures about two and a half inches in length one and a half inches across and hangs from a twenty inch fourteen karat gold rope chain


An ornamental bail


Double-balled latch for opening and closing


Bezeled cameo with nine framing emerald-green-in-colour gemstones above and nine below


A previously beloved one-of-a-kind antique




Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully

Thank you for dropping in!

Ancient Lady

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