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A crouching barn owl in a stance of landing from a flighted trip in air or in a position of gathered feathers prepared for a lift-up and off into sky. Nocturnal winged one when taken to the evening sky a near silent traveling flight—a flicker, a darting reflection of the moon alighted on white downy feathers and rounded face flashing from tree to sky to field and tree again. A deep-tree dweller in the cracked openings of rooted ones who have been around long enough to hear whisperings from the below-ground and the above, long enough to witness the comings and goings from the long days followed by the falls into night, long enough to tear open expand and grow into an accessible place: a multi-layered home of time's own making. A sharply listening keenly searching spirit in a feathery constellated body, a swiftly flying hunt and seek of the evening hours...

Looped in white lace for hanging on a tree-branch or knob or hook.

A collected porcelain 'Little Critters' barn owl marked with LC making up a broader collection of creatures for ornamental displayed hangings...


Barn owl measures just over an inch and a half and hangs from a two inch cutting of vintage lace

Hand-crafted by Floating Over Wicklow


Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully

Thank you for dropping in!

Barn Owl

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