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Birthed from the sea and the sky. The purity of pearl formed in stillness and in chaos, in salted waters that crash and clash and collide, within a shell where little to no light meets.

Out of nothing something beautiful.

Out of darkness and wilding events and elemental meetings, a white jeweled treasure of the sea...

Crowned now in a temple of gold held up by two framing diamonds and a structure of arching gold columns.

For every tumultuous turbulent unfolding an enfolding treasure awaits within


A banding in solid eighteen karat yellow gold with two flushed natural white diamonds and a natural salt water pearl


Marked K18 within the surface of the band which wears as a

6 3/4 or N 1/2 or 53.82 millimeters in circumference


With the homing of a ring a 'Meadow Locket' of your choice between I and II to accompany


A previously beloved one-of-a-kind




Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully with

insured and signature confirmed mailing service


Returns refunds and exchanges un-available once departed

Thank you for dropping in!


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