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Blood of lady spring, blood of Persephone. A little jeweled-drop of deep and enriched red like the seeding gems that line the belly of a pomegranate fruit which is slow-growing and fruitfully filled with seed when mature and ready to pick for the sweet treat of eating— dressed in the form of a ruby-red glistening crystal garnet crowned in a wire-wrap of gold and hung from a thread of fourteen karat yellow gold chain for wearing around the neck


Zeus, it is said, permitted Hades, who was in love with the beautiful Persephone, to abduct her as her mother Demeter was not likely to allow her daughter to go down to Hades the beneath-world. Persephone was gathering flowers with the Oceanids along with Artemis and Pallas, daughter of Triton, as the Homeric Hymn says, in a field when Hades came to abduct her, bursting through a cleft in the earth. Demeter, when she found her daughter had disappeared, searched for her all over the earth with the torches of Hecate
In this happening she forbids the earth to produce, or she neglects the earth and, in the depth of her despair, she causes nothing to grow. Helios, the sun who sees everything, eventually told Demeter what had happened and at length she discovered the place of her abode. Finally, Zeus, pressed by the cries of the people and the anguish, forced Hades to return Persephone
Hades complies with the request, but first he tricks Persephone, giving her some pomegranate seeds to eat. Hermes is sent to retrieve her but because she had tasted the food of the underworld, she was obliged to spend the winter months taking up one-third of each year below ground and the remaining part of the year with the gods above. Persephone's time in the beneath-world becomes half of the year
The myth of her abduction, her sojourn in the underworld and her temporary return to the surface represents her functions as the embodiment of spring and the personification of growth and vegetation which disappear into the earth when sown, sprout from the earth in the time of spring


Natural red garnet wire wrapped in fourteen karat gold filled wire measures about half of an inch in length and hangs from a nineteen inch fourteen karat gold filled chain


Each garnet has its own charm and may be freckled in unique-to-it marks with personality

Hand-crafted by Floating Over Wicklow


Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully

Thank you for dropping in!


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