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A see stone carved out in gold etched by tellings of time—what has passed into and through being. Place-marker and witness to the marvels and miracles and the extra-ordinary seeming ordinary, a stationary golden seer guiding an on-looker into what has been lost or forgotten by age into thinning memories. In the way seeds drift unseen by wind into far-going territories, sights and sounds and smells and thoughts drift and settle into the skins of a remembering golden slice of stone

Windowed at centre for the peering eye, the searching spirit, the feeling heart

To be worn around the wrist of you who listens and you who pursues to see


See stone in brushed eighteen karat gold over a sterling silver base measures about half of an inch and sits in-between a fourteen karat gold filled chain at length of choosing


Each coin has its own aging charm and may be freckled in tarnishing marks with personality

Hand-crafted by Floating Over Wicklow


Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully

Thank you for dropping in!

See Stone II

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