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The close-to-us seen through a glass lens magnifying and reeling in to perveive better the connecting and threading details which weave together all that lies down on ground big and small and beyond. A powerful little tool to enhance a sight that wishes to be enhanced. To see better perhaps the skin and grain of a tree and its many opening eyes, the spindles of a fallen feather, a shell from sea with worlds lying inside each cavity, written words, an image, or the finger-prints and paint-brush strokes marking petals of a flower. A rounded magnifying glass for your own reaching sights hanging from a thread of fourteen karat gold chain for wearing around the neck


Burnished antique bronze brass bezel-carrying-glass measures about one inch in diameter and hangs from a nineteen inch fourteen karat gold filled chain


Each bezeling magnified seeing glass has its own aging charm and may be freckled in tarnishing marks with personality

Hand-crafted by Floating Over Wicklow


Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully

Thank you for dropping in!

Seeing Glass

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