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Songbird in the shape of a silver whistle. Twit tootalie tooing between lip and wind and flower and tree calling out to winged-ones perched and in flight awaiting to return with their own singing calls. A softly fluting sound escapes from the little opening chamber which carries lightly in hand and around the neck and rests upon the chest from a thread of sterling silver chain to mimic the fluttering bird-spirit residing within your rib-cage wishing to sing and sing and sing


Vintage new-old stock silver brass whistle measures about three and a half inches in length and hangs from a twenty-two inch sterling silver chain


Each whistle has its own aging charm and may be freckled in tarnishing marks with personality

Hand-crafted by Floating Over Wicklow


Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully

Thank you for dropping in!

Songbird II

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