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A white beaming flash from ground to tree to sky to tree to ground again in capture of seed and fruit and nut—all to eat or to squirrel away in hiding beneath ground or in a burrowed place like that of a tree's hollowed-out trunk or in low laying bush. One that is quick when on the move with climbing and leaping graces, with tail of its own character flicking and flashing and trailing behind in a perfect balancing act, and one that can rarely be seen in a fall. A tree dancer, a skyline acrobat. Kissed with a blushing nose of pink keen on the seek-and-find and tickled pink in perched ears in listen for the nearest or furthest acorn or berry freshly fallen with pinkest paw and nail for gathering and breaking open to feast on or share in.

Looped in white lace for hanging on a tree-branch or knob or hook.

A collected porcelain 'Little Critters' melanistic grey-white squirrel marked with LC making up a broader collection of creatures for ornamental displayed hangings...


White squirrel measures just over an inch and hangs from a two inch cutting of vintage lace

Hand-crafted by Floating Over Wicklow


Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully

Thank you for dropping in!

White Squirrel

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