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A windowed scene of wild heather and a solitary stone—a scalloped silver-held and paned-glass portal into a place with a planted, rooted standing stone sentinel with time worn on its earthen skin like a quiet story written upon the surface and one whispering from deeper grounds and into a field of these abundantly growing roses of the moorish places and the seaside waysides pullled into a miniature world with one picking. Strong-rooted and wind-resistant yet delicate and gentle in ways of growth: a reminder of a strong rooting and a holding on the value of green-growing, violet blush-kissed petal soft tenderness that may spread like the wild-fire grouping of heather igniting only more in warmth, more in flowering, more in durability in the colder places.

A returning bloom from dormant browns always to the lighted blushing violets and greens.

A touch and return to a feeling of home in a wild land.

Looped in white lace for hanging on a tree-branch or knob or hook


Scallop-framed shadowbox in a silver metal measures about one and a half inches in length, one and a half inches in height, a quarter of an inch in width and hangs from a cutting of vintage lace


A OOAK in heather picking and stone

Hand-crafted by Floating Over Wicklow


Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully

Thank you for dropping in!

Window II

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